Spring White Moisturizing Cream 

50g  1.76 Oz. Net Wt

Product Info 

It helps to build a protective barrier to block polluters, its special 3D hydrating system forms a unique cellular regulatory network to nourish each dermal cell deeply, lock water and boost skin absorption of nutrition and water. It helps to solve skin problems such as darkness, fine lines, roughness, dryness, looseness, uneven tone, etc.; helps smooth, brighten, and enhance elasticity. 

For day and night use. Supplies moisture and vitamin C to the skin, giving the tissue life, vitality and a firmer look. Penetrates deep into the skin, preventing dehydration.  Helps to maintain skin PH value at normal lever, retaining water level effectively giving a fairer, smoother and elastic skin.


Apply a generous amount and gently massage into the face and neck until fully absorbed, avoid eye area. Increase the dosage for in need parts.