Oily / Acne Skin

Still believe cleanser will improve your pore clogging and minimizing pores? Open pores, rough texture only belongs to oily skin? S3 Dermatological research report shows that open pores problems derive from dermis; large pores is the sign of skin aging. Thus, you need a complete solution to cure the root!

Clean Balancing Series contain with revolution NDGA ZERO PORE Technology, it start from tightening pores inner layer, dissolve impurities and exfoliates both the skin's surface and inside the pore, reshaping the pore lining, unclogging pores and visible minimize pores,  improving skin texture leaving skin smooth and silky.

Enzymatic and Plant Glukose Skin Smoothing Technology 
We look for higher requirement toward pore-refining, a complete clean and shiny skin. S3 Clean Balancing Series just perfectly match the flawless. By applying Enzymatic and Plant Glukose Skin Smoothing Technology, it gently renewing and stimulating the production of skin-firming collagen, it work well with its high effective Antioxidant factors bring to you fair, radiant and smooth skin. With this powerful treatment from inner and outer, you are confident with your closer look when approaching him, experiences the perfect sense of touch. 

Recommended Skin Care Series For Oily Skin


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