Normal & Dry Skin

Strengthen Your Skin's Natural Barrier Function To Keep Healthy Moisture Skin

While moisturizing your skin, S3 Intensive Moist Series enhances your skin's natural barrier function, achieve powerful moisturizing effect , helps preventing sensitive skin, reveal supple and moisture, healthier skin.

Its unique micro capsule moisture slow-release technology, lock "S3 Active Plantcenta Acid Amino Essence" within the micro capsule.

Micro capsule penetrate into skin cell core, slowly release S3 Active Plantcenta Acid Amino Essence and Moisturizing factor, keeping skin moisture, plump and healthier.

Dermatological research found that a healthy cuticle can form a complete membrane to prevent loss of moisture, meantime protect skin structure from damage , it is known as natural barrier function in medical science.

When cuticle moisture content less than 10%, the effectiveness of skin's natural barrier functional with reduce, defense capability drops, water evaporate rapidly and cause skin dry and tautness, appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, skin irritation and sensitive problem.

Nutrient from Plantcenta is the key factor to restore skin's natural barrier function, it play a vital role to boost skin immune. Thus, is important to feed cuticle cell with moist and Plantcenta to activate skin's natural barrier function, preventing skin from irritation and sensitive, leave skin supple and healthier.

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