Hydro Lightening Mask With Botanical Extract 

50g  1.76 Oz. Net Wt 

Product Info 

A true "OASIS" for dehydrated skin. Premium Highly Concentrated Rich textured face skin mask helps replenish skin's optimum moisture level. Smoothes fine lines caused by dehydration. Skin appears fresher, feels more supple. Skin tone is more even and more luminous. Rich of whitening effect, moisturizing the skin cell to prevent melanin formation, to promote shedding of dead skin melanoma, lighten the spot, so that smooth white skin, moisturizing, promote cell metabolism and enhance skin self protection ability to prevent free radical. 


Apply morning or evening to thoroughly cleansed face and neck. May be applied throughout the day when dehydration makes skin feel uncomfortable. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes and smooth away any excess with Rejuvenating Lotion.