Multi Purposes Tightening Anti-Aging Face Treatment

Created according to the newest concept of whitening and transparency, the unique high-efficiency formula to block the melanin deposit to whiten skin from darkness, roughness or dryness as well as relieve sensitive skin, refine pores, reduces wrinkles on forehead and remove fine lines, spots and flecks to keep skin clear and white.

The micro HA can permeate through dermis to promote microcirculation of blood and boost dermal absorption of nutrition. It helps to prevents irritation, revives and repairs sensitive skin, enhances healing up of scars.

The unique triple-screw structure helps lock 30 times of water to keep skin hydrous lastingly, bright and smooth as well as repair damaged and aged elastic fiber screen. It special formula helps skin absorb water from skin surface and strengthens water lock in skin.

Can penetrate deep into dermal cells to defy free radicals and prevent skin from keratinisation. It blocks UV ray and relieves skin from sunburn or hypersensitivity.

Promotes cell regeneration, repairs water film on skin to reduce looseness and wrinkles, tightens cells, quickens cell growth and remove melanin deposit and spots as well as softens and relieves skin.