Clean Balancing Powder Solution

40ml  1.35 Fl. Oz

Product Info 

Diminishes acnes, comedones and inflammation mildly, relieves acnes and swelling caused by inner heat and oil secretion disorders, repairs dermal tissues, prevents acnes scars and minimize the appearance of acne and blemishes. It can also balance oil incretion, detoxify and soothe skin, refines pores and promotes cell regeneration to keep skin clean and bright. Controls sebum incretion and prevents acnes and heals up wounds. Deeply purifies pores, restrain and kill germs, restrain excessive sebum incretion and strengthens skin immunity. Softens cuticle, and enhances skin metabolism.


After cleanse the face, apply a generous amount of the formula  on the affected part and gently massage until fully absorbed. Apply morning and night for better result